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Purbachal New Town is the biggest planned township in Bangladesh. The project area consists of about 6,150 acres land located in between the Shitalakhya and the Balu River at Rupgonj thana of Narayanganj District and at Kaligonj Thana of Gazipur District, in the northeastern side of Dhaka. The Township will be linked with eight-lane expressway from the Airport Road/Pragati swarani crossing. The distance is only 6.8 km. There will be provision of about 26,000 residential plots of different sizes, 62,000 apartments with all necessary infrastructure and urban facilities. RAJUK intends to plan and develop the area as self-contained new township with all modern facilities. In 2015, US Based Conglomerate KPC Group announced construction of 142 story supertall skyscraper in Purbachal.
Background of the project
Dhaka has now been turned into one of the busiest and densely populated city. Millions of people reside permanently in Dhaka city, the capital of Bangladesh for service, business and other purpose. The dwelling places required for the large number of people are quite very inadequate. As a result, the residential areas of Dhaka city are turning into overcrowded dirty localities day by day and creating unhealthy environment. It is possible to reduce the pressure of population of Dhaka city to a great extent by developing the surrounding area of Dhaka city in a planned way and establishing permanent residential accommodation for these vast population.
Consultants: The total DAP area was divided into five groups and a number of small locations. These were awarded to five firms—Development Design Consultants, Engineering and Planning Consultants, GBL Group, Sheltech, and BETS Consulting Services.
Location of the Project
Purbachal New Town Project is situated at Rupgonj Thana of Narayangonj District and Kaligonj Thana of Gazipur District in between river Balu and Sitalakhya at a distance of 16 km from zero point of Dhaka. The project implementation period is July 1995 to June 2014. The total area is 6,150 acres which is divided into thirty sectors. Out of which development works are going on in 4,500 acres (Narayangonj part).
Objective of the project

  • To reduce the pressure of population in Dhaka city by creating opportunity of residential accommodation of the city dwellers in the vicinity of the city.
  • To maintain the balance of environment by proper urbanization. To create environment friendly and sustainable atmosphere.
  • To reduce the existing acute problem of housing.
  • To expand civic facilities by urbanization to the nearby and surrounding areas gradually.
  • Development of new township and to expand economic facilities.
  • To mitigate future housing demand.

“Purbachal” is 8 km (8 minutes in time) away from the American Embassy, which is less than half the distance from Uttara. Government offices will be moved to “Purbachal”: Prime Minister’s office, Secretariat, RAJUK office, and all other important offices That means, “Purbachal” will be the capital in future. 2nd campus of Dhaka University, largest educational institute of Bangladesh, will be held in “Purbachal”. International offices will be moved to “Purbachal”: Foreign Embassy, World Bank, all other international offices. “Purbachal” will be a town free of traffic jams thanks to urban planning, the widest roads (180 ft–300 ft) in the country, and the big and beautiful flyover.
“Purbachal” will be a peaceful and beautiful “ideal town”, aimed at elimination of air and sound pollution. All kinds of modern entertainment will be available in “Purbachal”, like Novo Theater, 3D Theater, Planetarium, Water World, Museum etc. “Purbachal” will be a town with a combination of the latest educational systems and medical facilities.
Land Use Plan Major component

  • Residential Plots – 38.74%
  • Road network – 25.9%
  • Physical & social infrastructure – 3.04%
  • Lake – 7.1%
  • Administrative and commercial plots – 6.41%
  • Education & institution – 6%
  • Neighbourhood/play field -2.5%

Present condition of the project
Site development works of sector 1-5, 11 to 14 & 17 have nearly been completed. For other sectors the site development works are progressing smoothly. Estimate for site development at Gazipur part has been completed and tendering for execution is under process. Road construction works in sector no 1 to 5, 11, 13, 14 & 17 have nearly been completed. For other sectors the road construction works are ongoing.At 1st phase 7 no.s of bridge construction work are ongoing. At 2nd phase 4 no.s of bridge construction work are ongoing. Rest of the bridges are in the process of tendering.Necessary actions are being taken for establishing of utility services viz electricity, gas, water supply, sewerage and telecommunication etc. . through the connection authority. The handing over of plots in the sectors 4, 5 and 17 has started on March/2011. Handing over of plot in the sectors 3,11,12,13 and 14 is expected to be started quickly.
It may take five more years to hand over plots to 25,000 owners, who have fallen in uncertainty. The stipulated time to complete the project was 2008. But it may take more time as only 25 per cent work had so far been completed. According to the project map, there will be 10 bridges, but no tender to this effect was floated. Only 15 kilometer roads inside the project have been completed out of 140 kilometers in the sectors 1, 4, 5, 11, and 17. The handing over of plots in the sectors 4, 5 and 17 has been started. No necessary steps have been taken for establishing utility services like electricity, gas,water supply, sewerage and telecommunications.


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